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appreciation cards to Dr Looi Kok Poh by his patients


From Mr Jerome Hewlett
“I have known Dr Looi Kok Poh for over 7 years both medically and personally. To give you some background, I was hit by a car over 40 years ago as a result of the accident I have degenerating joints on the right side of my body.

I have had over 30 operations on my knee, shoulder and wrist. These operations have been performed in the United States, England and Singapore. I will say that Dr. Looi has been one of the best doctors I have seen in all of these years.

Dr Looi KP always took the most conservative approach and what I admired most about Dr Looi was that when he saw how complicated my case was going to be he made me see other doctors to get their opinion before we move forward with any procedure.

Dr Looi always explained the pros and cons of each procedure and spent a significant amount of time to understand what I expected from the procedure. The compassion he showed me was above and beyond what I have ever experienced before.

Over the past 7 years I have also become friends with Dr Looi. We share common interested in music and sports. More importantly we also share a common interest in faith.

Dr Looi is an incredible human being. He cares about humanity and tries to find ways to actively participate in helping people. I admire that he takes the time to reach out to people and help them make their lives better. He is someone I can talk to about anything and he takes the time to listen and offer guidance.

Dr Looi is a man of integrity. Whatever is decided about Dr Looi please note what I have said above. He is an honest man, a man of integrity, a friend and I believe is an excellent representative of Singapore and an excellent representative of medical profession.”


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